Our process

Our Process

Insurance adjusting and settlement – though highly complex – follows a procedure. The more attuned a process is in following this procedure, the more streamlined and predictable results become. Our process allows your settlement to be received quickly, possess the maximum amount attainable given your situation, and keeps you well informed throughout the course of the claims procedure.

  • Consultation

    We discuss and gather facts regarding your property, the type of damage incurred, the cause of the damage, and any additional facts that may be useful in determining what do look for during a property inspection.

  • Property Inspection & Supportive Evidence Acquisition

    After the initial consultation, we thoroughly go through the property, itemizing issues we discussed in addition to any additional damage that may have been missed. Digital representations are also taken as supporting evidence.

  • Insurance Policy Review

    At this time, we provide a thorough insurance policy analysis reviewing all conditions, limitations, exclusions, compiling & filing policies, additional riders needed (if any), and submission deadlines

  • Claim Estimate & Justification

    Using the information gleaned from the Property Inspection & Supportive Evidence Acquisition phase mentioned above, we put together an estimate forthe total cost required to repair the property, in addition to providing the supporting documentation (if required) to justify the estimate

  • Debriefing

    Now that the information and supporting documentation have been reviewed and the claims estimate has been compiled – we discuss with you what your insurance policy covers, the amount you should expect to receive from the insurance company, and the remaining steps involved in the process before you should expect to receive a check in the mail

  • Insurance Adjuster Inspection

    The insurance company’s adjuster visits the property to determine what the property owner should be compensated for. This is where all the hard work pays off. Because insurance adjusters are often overextended, they are not always able to spend the time required to thoroughly review a property or a claim. In the previous steps, we have essentially done the insurance adjusters work for him/her. We provide the paperwork and point out the areas needing repair, so nothing is missed

  • Clarifications

    If there are any questions or areas where the insurance company disagrees with our estimates, we provide additional supporting documentation and/or negotiate to obtain the maximum amount attainable under your insurance policy

  • Insurance Follow-Up

    We continue communicating with the insurance company to ensure you receive payment in a timely fashion

  • Payment To You

    You receive the funds in the mail and our work has been completed. There is no charge to you as the insurance company pays us a nominal percentage of the claim you receive. This amount is typically considerably less than the amount you save by utilizing our services

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